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Natural Red Coral: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Published on Nov 24, 2022

Natural Red Coral: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Introduction of Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral Gemstone is an ethereal gemstone in the Gemstone world. It is scholarly known as Moonga Ratan in the Hindi language. Over time, Moonga is so worth the hype that it is getting in the gemstone world. This gemstone is specifically one of the premium-coloured gemstones that have been used for jewellery and other decorative items for centuries. This is a heavenly beauty having top-notch specimens where the smooth lush meets the lap of rarity. Let’s dive into the paradise of dynamic red-coloured coral now:->

Meaning of Coral

Coral gem is a common name given to Corallum Rubrum. It is the only organic gemstone found in the ocean, formed from the skeletons of coral polyps. The composition of red coral is primarily Calcium Carbonate and corals grow up as Branching assembles. Noble Coral is the most desirable form of this gemstone. Word ‘Coral’ is the “generally said word for hard, calcareous skeleton excreted by one kind of marine polyps, which is further derived from Old French coral and from the Latin word corallum.

Natural Red Coral’s Origin

The natural origin of red coral is stated to be a mystery, interestingly; but it is believed to have formed in the ocean depths over millions of years. The Well-known notable deposits of Red coral gemstones come from many countries, such as the Red-sea, Bay of Biscay, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, the Hawaiian Islands, Italy etc. It is the only organic gemstone found in the ocean, formed from the skeletons of coral polyps. Red coral is located in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters off the coast of Japan. Basically, everyone wants to be the best and you can get the best-quality Gemstone from the coasts of Japan. 

Nature of Coral Gemstone

Ancients used to refer to this gemstone to be kept in tombs as protection guards. This has been used and known for centuries and is a popular gemstone today. It is found in many different shades of red colour, but the most popular is deep red. This gemstone is such a delight in the world and is almost accessible to every person out there who wants to get it.

It feels very mesmerising to know that everyone can get their hands on Natural Red Coral. Few authentic and natural gemstone qualities show signs of branched raw coral but when it comes to legend pieces, look for deep red in colour and have smooth, glassy surfaces that should not be treated. The stone should also be hard and durable. Avoid a Moonga that is cloudy or has a rough surface.


Red Coral (Moonga) Stone Benefits

Coral gemstone (मूंगा रत्न) changes the ambience where it is placed. It can perpetuate the way you believe in things and help you in various paths of life. This stone is a bright-red marine gem that has been prized for centuries for its colour, hardness, and durability. Following you can look through Red coral (Moonga) amazing benefits that can change your life:->

  1. The most important characteristics that is being displayed after wearing a Moonga are courage and confidence. Devouring this stone will give you the courage that you need to take on any challenge while wearing this red-coloured stone will give you the confidence to succeed. 

  2.  It is also said to have many positive benefits, including bringing good luck and warding off evil.

  3. Studies have shown that red coral can help to improve mood and reduce stress levels.

  4. It can also help to boost self-esteem and increase feelings of confidence. This is because this stone is thought to promote feelings of safety and protection.

  5. Wearing or carrying this gem can help you to feel stronger and more capable in challenging situations.

  6. Coral Gemstone is not only prized for its beauty but it is also said to be a powerful talisman that can protect against evil, and it is also thought to be a remedy for a variety of ills, including heart problems, liver problems, and respiratory problems. 

  7. Generally, Red gemstone is used in jewellery, as it is a beautiful and bright colour. It is also used in medicines, as it is said to have healing properties. It is also used in construction, as it is a strong mineral. 

  8. This is said to provide warmth splash to those who’re in need of a fire element.

As per Vedic astrology, this gem is governed by the planet Mars (Mangal Graha). Despite the fact that coral is not connected with any month particularly, in the modern birthstone chart. But it can help people to strengthen their Mars Planet or Mangal Graha dosha baleful effects.


Red coral Moonga (Mars gemstone) is letting people do courageous and righteous actions. Up until today, people love this privileged premium gemstone. If you want to learn more about the other 7 precious gemstones, Read out here as what you see here is based on research studies. Now, the next question comes- how to know if red coral suits you? If you want to know an answer, you should consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone or gemstone jewellery as any firmly known person can advise you on the best time and day for wearing the suitable gemstone.

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