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Natural Yellow Blue Sapphire: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Published on Dec 13, 2022

Natural Yellow Blue Sapphire: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Introduction of Yellow Blue Sapphire

Yellow Blue Sapphire is a Renowned Bi-colour Sapphire which is one of the most coveted gemstones out of all gemstones. This is not a normal stone that anyone and everyone know. Instead, it’s one of the precious ratans that becomes the focus of interest. Yellow Blue sapphire is a coloured gem which is endeared by the public and is popularly known as Pitambari in the Hindi language. Yellow Blue Ratan is a mix-and-match gemstone comprising two Precious gems- Yellow Sapphire and Blue sapphire in which both gems contribute towards Pitambari with different proportions of the yellow and blue colour of sapphire, but still, it's majorly yellow in pieces. It’s highly renowned in Vedic and Western astrology because of its characteristics. Let’s take a plunge towards the depths of Pitambari.



Yellow Blue sapphire is a stone that hails from the corundum mineral family which represents the combination of two really powerful and premium gemstones. It also symbolises a name to mean a good character. Pitambari gemstone has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness though it’s quite definitely a ‘Pleasant to the eye gemstone’ which is surely entitled to stake that claim.



Yellow blue sapphire is a hard-to-found variety of sapphires which comprises the astrological properties of Yellow Sapphire and Blue sapphire. Pitambari Ratan is found in various places such as Srilanka, Myanmar(Burma), the USA, Brazil, and many other places of the world. But the Best-Quality of Pitambari Neelam originates from Ceylon (Srilanka). 



In the fascinating world of precious stones, Yellow blue sapphires glow in the fiercest amalgamation of yellow and blue colours. Pitambari gemstone sparkles in a whole range of hues- having different shades of Yellow and blue colours and tones. And the charming colours of the concerned definitely put a spell on jewellery freaks the whole world over. 

There are several unique properties of yellow-blue sapphires. For one, these gems are both durable and resilient. In fact, they are some of the most durable gemstones available. Additionally, they have a very high refractive index, which means they will sparkle and shine brightly when used in jewellery. Lastly, both yellow-blue ratan is moderately priced, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery.


Stone Benefits

This far we’ve known that the Yellow Blue Sapphire gem is a fusion of two stones and hence contains metaphysical and Vedic powers of both stones. It’s a well-known and obvious statement that premium gemstones take a head-on and change lives in various ways. Let’s have a look at the advantages of owning a Yellow Blue sapphire :->
  1. Yellow blue sapphire is made up of two gemstones, therefore talking about governing planets - Yellow Blue Sapphire helps in strengthening Jupiter and Saturn planets representing Yellow sapphire and Blue sapphire respectively as per one’s horoscope. 
  2. They are also believed to protect their wearers from harm and danger as these sapphires are thought to be persuasive stones.
  3. This gemstone is encompassed by a good deal of charisma and magic. In many cultures, this stone is regarded as a dream stone because it does have dreamy looks and portrays dreamy qualities as well.
  4. This auspicious stone can make you wiser and more intelligent as Pitambari gemstone deals with two majestic stones that can also help you in decision-making abilities. 
  5. Do you know an amalgamated stone can help you with self-esteem? Pitambari Ratan is the one that can result in that by providing self-confidence and positivity all around.
  6. Pitambari stone is such a treasure of nature which brings name, fame and good fortune to the wearer.
  7. Another benefit of having Original Pitambari Gemstone is that it prevents you from diseases by possessing mystical and therapeutic properties.
  8. Lastly, they are also said to promote peace, calm, and serenity in the lives of those who own them.



Yellow Blue sapphire gemstone is a wonderful gemstone, not only in its traditional guise but also in more modern designs that have a sensual and seductive aura. The shimmer of light of Pitambari stone is something very special in the enticing world of gemstones. It can give quite good riches but it is always recommended to wear Pitambari as per the horoscope of an individual and as suggested on ideal days by a firmly established astrologer. To get maximum results, you should only get a 100% Natural Pitambari Stone from a trusted brand.

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