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Natural Pearl-Sucha Moti: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Published on Nov 01, 2022

Natural Pearl-Sucha Moti: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Introduction of Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Gemstone is the most-loved gemstone out of all precious gems. Natural pearl gemstones are very rare and breathtaking jewels which are adorned by one and all. Pearl stone represents a symphony of femininity and alluring appurtenance. Original Pearl is one of the High Definition gemstones making an unbeatable look like never before. Pearl gemstone is popularly known as Sucha Moti in the Hindi language in India as these are simply pure and organic. Perhaps the best-loved gems of all time, pearls belong to the calcium carbonate mineral family. Let’s learn more about Pearl jewel

 Pearl Stone Meaning 

Best-quality Pearl Stone is the luxurious gem known for its elegant and sophisticated touch for years. The word ‘Pearl’ is derived from the Old French word called Perle and if going further into old times, this Perle word got into place out of the Latin word Perna which means ‘Leg’, extended after ham or mutton leg-shaped bivalve. Pearl Stone- Sucha Moti radiates its lustre and makes everyone wonderstruck. 

Original Pearl Origin

The illuminating Pearl(Sucha Moti) gemstone hypnotises one and all. Talking about the formation of the astonishing Pearl gemstone, There are two types of pearls available nowadays -Natural pearls which are directly harvested from marine oysters and freshwater mussels and Cultured Pearls which are manually produced with the help of the same mussel. Pearl gems of different variations are being loved out there. The finest quality pearls are Keshi Pearl which comes from Japanese waters, Basra Pearl coming from the middle east region and South sea Pearl which accrue from Australia.

Nature Of Sucha Moti

Sucha Moti is a soothing treasure that makes people fall for it while maintaining a peaceful life. As per Hindu mythology, Sucha Moti is related to the auspicious planet Moon and exhibits allthe characteristics related to Moon. These are produced inside a living body called Molluscs, although giving all benefits and elegant looks to make you feel good.

#Funfact: Among Hindus, there is a recognised custom which is inherited from ancestors that a bride should consider wearing a Pearl Nose Ring on the day of marriage and afterwards purposely to enhance marital harmony and to avoid widowhood! This is a famous one and there are a number of beliefs around the wearer of the Pearl gem getting innumerable benefits.


Benefits Of Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Gems are gemstones which have an iconic beauty as well as a soft iridescence. Unblemished Quality Pearls which are perfectly round pearls have great significance. Fine Pearls of different nacre, lustre, shine and reflectivity of light have different values and desirability for the wearer. Diving deep into the benefits of Pearl gem will give you more details about why you should go for this trailblazing roundel and which one to choose –

  • The glossy and lustrous appearance of Natural Pearl connects people with femininity and balancing forces.
  • Here the main ruling planet is the Moon and hence helps in controlling sentiments, especially the state of anger. People often wear the Pearl Moti to bring peace of mind.
  • Eternally beautiful, the sophisticated Pearl gemstones promote wisdom and one's willpower. Therefore, Pearl Jewel is used to making corrective actions and the right directive decisions. 
  • Pearl stone is said to strengthen the Moon in a horoscope and may help to alleviate any conditions caused by a weak placement of the moon. The Moon is called the Ruling planet of emotions as per mythology.
  • Generally, Pearl also helps in increasing the feelings of compassion and love. Moti stone provides self-confidence to the wearer. 
  • Quality natural Pearls are very rare jewels which are known to cure depression, any kind of mental disorders and bad temperament issues. White pearls help in every kind of healing. 

Want to know 'Is Pearl your Birthstone?

Here is the stone associated with your birth month.  Best-quality Pearls are the ones to take pleasure in and make almost every occasion full of elegance and purity. Unlike most gemstones found on this planet, Pearls are completely organic. Pearl gem is highly associated with the month of June and is called June Birthstone. Hence these gemstones are believed to help and enhance the lives of individuals born in June month. If you are looking for a gemstone that can help you to achieve a more peaceful existence, then the pearl is definitely worth considering. But we can't say that a stone will suit you in a confirmed way, so to check and get more assistance regarding your birthstone, kindly visit our gem recommendation tool



Pearl gemstones are the most endearing choice of all time. Make the most of your outfit with Real and purely organic pearls. The coloured gemstones are priceless entities to own. If you want to explore more precious gemstones, watch out for Drishti gems, which is a Leading Provider of 100% Natural, Authentic and lab-certified precious and semi-precious gemstones worldwide. Though these stone suits many and have many therapeutic benefits, everyone should still get proper consultation from a known and firmly established astrologer.

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