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Natural Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) : Origin, Meaning and Benefits

Published on Oct 18, 2022

Natural Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) : Origin, Meaning and Benefits


Introduction of Hessonite Garnet | Gomed

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) is one of the major life forces of the mineral kingdom. Since ancient times, Gemstones have been valued for healing and spiritual reasons. There is hardly any other gemstone in modern jewellery design which is refined in such a variety of ways as the Hessonite Garnet stone. Whether it is fashioned as a clear, transparent gem in the classical cut, or creatively cut in a more modern design, it is always fascinatingly beautiful. Gomedh and Gomedh jewellery throughout time have been said to have many positive effects and mystical properties. 

Hessonite Garnet stone is a powerful gemstone from the Grossular Garnet family having honey-coloured to reddish-brown colour tones. Just because of its colour, this gemstone is also known as Cinnamon stone. This Hessonite garnet jewel is a gemstone with great durability, and colour combination hues and its hardness stand out as 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of Hardness. Perplexingly, Famous superstars and celebrities are also those people who wear Hessonite gemstones for personal and professional betterment. Let’s buckle down knowing more about the Hessonite Garnet gem:-

Hessonite Meaning

Hessonite Garnet gem belongs to the precious gemstone family of Navratna and this gemstone which is a popular variety of garnet gemstones holds a Prominent place in the Holy scriptures. Hessonite Garnet got its name from the Ancient Greek word Hesson which means ‘Inferior’. Now you might think, why the name originated from a word meaning Inferior?  This gemstone is often associated with a Dragon-head planet as per western astrology and is known to help many individuals suffering from malefic effects of the same in their lives.


Hessonite Garnet Origin

If we talk about most of the raw crystals for the world market; A highly sought-after variety of Hessonite Garnet gemstones comes from the fine grossular mines of Tanzania, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, China; Brazil, Africa Sri Lanka, Kenya, Switzerland, Taiwan, India and many other places as well. But supremely desired versions of Best-Quality of Natural Hessonite garnet come from African and Ceylon, Sri Lankan mines.

Gomed Stone Nature

Hessonite Garnet(Gomed) is a stone that can help the wearer recognize and appreciate his/ her virtues, bringing about great faith. The timeless hues ranging from Honey colour to Reddish brown of Natural Hessonite Garnet are so prideworthy for having artisanship and craftsmanship in modern and antique jewellery designs. Interestingly enough, the Hessonite Garnet gem as a stone is known to be well-associated with success and increases the credibility of a person in different spaces.


Hessonite Garnet Benefits

The grossular garnet from a distance reflects the pure colour of honey or reddish-orangish tones, is homogenous, soft in touch and has lustre and radiance is the most desirable unit of the Garnet gem. It can also assist to increase the self-confidence of a person and makes an individual carry more courage. Hessonite garnet jewel does also have a lot of cultural significance as its state gemstone is having a lot of godsends:
  1. As per Vedic astrology, Natural Hessonite garnet represents the celestial body named Rahu which is also known as the north node of the moon. Hessonite gem is often worn by those people who’re going through the baleful effects of the celestial planet what people call “the Mahadasha of Rahu”.

  2. Original Hessonite Garnet is a potent gemstone which is featured among the nine holy gemstones i.e. Navratna. Carrying the Best-Quality Hessonite stone with you is known to effectively increase creative skills and helps in clearing up the fogginess of the mind and bringing clarity to day-to-day activities, thoughts and visions. 

  3. Improved concentration level is one of the many known benefits of wearing a Hessonite Garnet stone. Gomed stone opens up opportunities for us to bring in clear-minded ways to help achieve goals. 

  4. The wearer of a Gomed gemstone is known not to get affected by any kind of evil effects or negative vibrations and may become victorious when it comes to different competitions of life. It is also known to be the choicest gemstone for making an individual have extraordinary abilities in science spaces. 

  5. A  Hessonite Garnet(Gomedh)  brings so many astrological benefits like it is known to enhance one’s financial and social status to its wearer. For a long time, this gemstone is prized to enhance your luck to bring out more open-ended latitudes which will help you to make your name and bank big.

  6. Wearing High-quality Gomedh gemstone can help to improve the overall health of the wearer and as widely known from old times, the Hessonite garnet plays a vital role in the betterment of people by curing ailments and diseases.

Gomed Birthstone

Do you know stone age man used to imbue Hessonite garnet with supernatural properties and used it to wear and worship it? Hessonite Garnet (Gomedh) took on great value and significance and is considered to be the birthstone to be lucky for people born in January. The most prolific High-quality Gomedh gemstone is really famous for getting used as a jewel piece and for astrological purposes.


Original Hessonite Garnet is a stone which never been completely vented out of vogue since the Stone era. As Gomed stone is a kinda mystical stone known to have supernatural powers but it may react differently for different people. Henceforth, Natural hessonite garnet should only be worn after proper consultation with a known astrologer.

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