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Cat’s eye- Lehsunia: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Published on Nov 14, 2022

Cat’s eye- Lehsunia: Meaning, Origin and Benefits

Introduction of Cat’s Eye | Lehsunia

Cat’s eye is a very beautiful stone that ends up getting the sight of one and all. This gemstone is a Chatoyant glowing from-the-inside type of gemstone which catches the focus instantly. This gemstone is a precious gemstone which belongs to the Chrysoberyl family of minerals. This stranded gem is popularly known as Lehsunia Ratan (लहसुनिया रत्न)  in Hindi and Baalsurya & Vedaryu/Vaidurya Mani in the Sanskrit language. In most places, when it is not being called by its name, this precious gemstone is also known as Keturatna as it provides protection. This astounding gemstone is widely desired and valued based on its features and benefits.  Let’s get to know this gem more deeply →

Cat’s eye Meaning

Cat eye stone is a certain type of gem having Chatoyant lustre. This stone is primarily a marble marked stone with eyelike concentric circles. The word ‘Cat’s Eye’ is derived from the concept that this stone has a great resemblance to the eye of a cat. This gemstone totally resembles concentric balls like eyeshine reflecting from the eyes of a cat or directly say, the eyes of a cat. This phenomenal gemstone has a great variety and innumerable characteristics.

Cat’s Eye Origin

The Highly polished form with the bright band in between is the most valuable. This stranded gem is found in many places but the quality of gemstones differs. Majorly, these exquisite gemstones are found in Brazil, China, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Russia, Srilanka and other places which have been notable sources for this gem. On a very big scale, Lehsunia stone is found in Srilanka, Brazil and many places in India. Although, chiefly demanded versions of Lehsuniya come from Indian and Sulemani mines.

Nature of Lehsuniya Ratan (Cat’s Eye Stone) 

Cat’s eye Ratan is the Chrysoberyl gem known in Greek which means colour gold. With all its gleaming beauty under the limelight, this stone has a luminous ring just as discussed above and the most prevalent colours vary from yellowish greens to honey-coloured gems with a tint of green and maybe reddish hue as well. The remarkable colours would be yellow, yellow-brown and greenish-yellow tones. The suitable hue and cut are primarily based on astrological benefits and are often used for the same.

Benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone

Cat’s eye gems set one’s heart on fire with their milky and creamy looks. As this ratan shows the exotic milk and honey effect, there are a lot of advantages and benefits of owning and wearing a Natural Lehsuniya which affects your daily life. If you want to know the perks and take these benefits to the fullest; Watch out for the following points carefully

  1. As per Mythic and Vedic astrology, Original Lehsunia Gemstones represent the celestial body Ketu which is also acclaimed to be the dark planet/or lifeless body of Rahu or known to be a shadow planet. As Cat eye ratan is the ruling gemstone for the concerned, it helps individuals who are suffering through the Dasha or severe phase of Ketu.
  2. Lehsunia gem brings positive changes and well-being to the wearer. A belief around people redeeming benefits of Lehsunia can protect themselves from various sudden health-related problems which normally need surgeries.
  3. Lehsunia stone assists the business and professional lives of the wearer. It’s known to favour risk-takers and adventurers.
  4. This cymophane is a stone making an individual feel content, detached from materialistic growth and involved in life.
  5. The stranded gem is a sought-after gemstone which offers wisdom and intuition to the wearer of the concerned gem.
  6. Cat’s eye-Lehsunia is known to bring good luck and charm to your existence and will help in spiritual enlightenment and insights of an individual.
  7. Lehsuniya stone helps in the improvement of vision, memory potential and consciousness.
  8. The Bright luminous banded gemstone is believed to ward off negations and evil intents. It’s believed that Lehsunia is a talisman against unprotected dangers.


Cat’s eye- Lehsunia gem has a strong grasp in providing many interests in the favour of the wearer. In the knowledge of Indians, Lehsuniya Ratan is a very effective and vital stone. As Lehsunia is a kinda ineffable stone known to have mystical powers but it may react differently for different people. Henceforth, Natural Cat’s eye should only be worn after proper consultation with a known astrologer.


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